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  • A GRI has received one of the most comprehensive training programs available today to REALTORS® in the nation.
  • A GRI has superior knowledge of real estate marketing and has acquired skills that will set him/her apart from other REALTORS®.
  • In today’s competitive business environment a REALTOR® needs more than just motivation and initiative to succeed. A GRI has the advantage of the education received in the GRI program.
  • The GRI program is continually refined to provide entry-level and experienced REALTORS® with the information that will help them succeed in today's market.
  • A GRI is knowledgeable in many aspects of Real Estate that allows him/her to overcome obstacles that can jeopardize a transaction.
  • A GRI has access to a large base of referrals.
  • A GRI has demonstrated his/her commitment to professionalism in the real estate industry.

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